Medical Treatment of Chronic

illness / Crisis in the NHS

  Future medicine will be based on controlling energy in the body.

                                   -Professor William Tiller ‘Science and Human Transformation’

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If we are to believe recent headlines, the NHS is facing its worst crisis since its inception in 1948. We are told repeatedly that the NHS is overwhelmed and under-funded; the NHS budget for 2019, was £134 billion.

80% of the NHS budget is spent treating ever-growing numbers of chronic illnesses with stronger and stronger drugs. I believe that unless the medical profession wakes up to the real cause of most chronic illnesses -trapped emotional energy- the problems we are currently facing can only get worse. Unfortunately, there appears to be little -if any- interest in treating the underlying cause of most chronic illnesses.

The human body is designed to self-heal and self-regulate. If it is not doing so -as in the case of chronic illnesses- there is something blocking the body’s innate self-healing / self-regulating ability. Most blocks are caused by poor lifestyle choices and toxic overwhelm e.g. physical toxins such as allergies, and poor food choices; chemical toxins such as indoor and outdoor pollution, and emotional toxins, such as stress and unresolved emotions. Many of these toxins upset the balance of our microbiome -friendly V unfriendly bugs- and damage the lining of our intestines, often leading to inflammation, and a previously controversial condition called ‘leaky gut’. Leaky gut was dismissed by most of the medical profession, until Time Magazine published an article by world-renowned gastroenterologist, Alessio Fasano, announcing ‘Leaky gut is legit’.

Emotional toxins

I believe emotional toxins are the most under-recognised of all the toxins impacting our health and wellbeing. Plus, emotional toxins are the most likely to lead to poor lifestyle choices, further aggravating health problems.

When we are stressed, our autonomic nervous system switches to what we call ‘fight or flight’ mode, as our body thinks we are under threat. As a result, it downregulates growth, repair, digestion, and reproduction -none of which are deemed essential when you need to get our of danger. At the same time, it upregulates stress hormones such as cortisol, which in excess, damage our health and emotional wellbeing.

A rush of cortisol was needed to give us the boost of energy needed to flee a predatory animal. If we survived, the act of fleeing would use up the excess cortisol. Our body would then switch back to the other part of our autonomic nervous system, which we often call ‘rest, digest, repair and reproduce’. If we didn’t manage to outrun the animal, our high level of cortisol would be the animal’s problem😉

However, these days in the West, ‘fight or flight’ mode is rarely needed to be activated to get us out of danger. However, as the body doesn’t know the difference between a real threat, and an imagined threat, emotional stressors, trigger the same fight or flight response. Unfortunately, in most cases, the excess cortisol created by stressful thoughts and feelings is not burned off by physical exertion, so elevated cortisol levels remain constantly high, harming our health… leading to weight gain, and many other chronic health conditions.

For many people, emotional stress begins in early childhood, with the subconscious programmes we download in response to our emotional reaction to events we found upsetting. If these subconscious programmes are disempowering, and not corrected, they will continue to affect us throughout our lives, often causing our disempowering self-talk, which can lead to anxiety and depression, and many debilitating chronic illnesses. Notwithstanding stress levels in adults, stress levels and mental health issues among young children have never been higher.

  The average person has between 60-80,000 -subconscious- thoughts per day. Most are negative, and the same as the previous day’s thoughts.

                                   – National Science Foundation

Scientific discoveries in the last century revealed that our emotions are patterns of energy. It’s now known that if we fail to resolve our emotions, the energy patterns of our unresolved feelings become trapped in our body’s energy channels, which has opened new doorways when it comes to treating bothersome emotions.

Some people may benefit from months or years of in-depth talk therapy to treat their high stress levels and/or mental health issues. However, I believe many more would benefit from releasing the trapped energy caused by their unresolved stressful emotions. Releasing trapped emotional energy often leads to increased clarity and a new perspective on problems which were previously unresolvable. It also raises your vibration and makes you feel much better.

After being a practitioner of many ‘energy psychology’ techniques for several years, I spent six years developing ‘Hypno-Sensing’ as a simple and effective way to release trapped emotional energy, providing new levels of clarity, allowing people to easily rewrite their disempowering subconscious programmes, which are responsible for 95% of their disempowering thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

  Treating humans without the concept of energy is treating dead matter.

                                   -Albert Szent-Gyorgi, MD, Nobel Prize Laureate

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