Plants react to the vibration of our intentions

Cleve Backster was an interrogation specialist for the CIA -Central Intelligence Agency. He was credited with designing the first Lie Detector, although he preferred to call his polygraph a ‘truth detector’.

One day, in his lab, Backster performed an experiment involving the use of a polygraph on a Dracaena plant in the office – he was curious to find out what was recorded on the polygraph machine as water was drawn up into plants’ leaves. After hooking-up his polygraph machine to the plant and waiting, he was greatly surprised when the read-out was the opposite to what he expected. Backster was puzzled and began to wonder what the read-out would show if he lit a match and burned one of the plant’s leaves. At the very instant he had the thought, the recording pen of the polygraph went wild. After checking everything he could think of, and ruling that nothing else had changed, Backster concluded that the plant had read his mind. Further experiments proved his conclusion was correct. After many similar experiments, he concluded that because plants have a structure akin to ours, they can pick-up on our vibrations. He also concluded that they react correspondingly to the vibration of our thoughts, feelings and intentions.

Just as plants react to the vibration of our thoughts, feelings and intentions, so too do other human beings, and animals. This knowledge encouraged me to add a special Hypno-Sensing programme which allows you to send high vibration feelings to anyone, anywhere, anytime – time and distance are no barrier when it comes to vibration. For this Hypno-Sensing technique to be effective, all you need is intention, and the ability to focus, all of which are aided by the Hypno-Sensing process. Whoever the intended recipient of your feelings is, they will, at some level, pick-up on the feelings you send them via Hypno-Sensing, and at some level, they will connect these feelings with you. Please watch the testimonials to see the remarkable experiences shared by those who have used this Hypno-Sensing technique to great success.

NB: Later Cleve Baxter collaborated with Ingo Swann, a scholar, artist, scientist and natural psychic. Together they were pivotal figures in developing the CIA’s ‘remote viewing’ programme, where it is said psi – the unknown factor in extrasensory perception – is used to read the minds of others and also to plant information in the minds of others…at a distance. As Einstein said, ‘Spooky science at a distance’’. ‘Spooky’, only because it is outside our current belief system. However, it works and with Hypno-Sensing, we can use it to enrich our lives and the lives of others.😉

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