The vibration of words can change our DNA

Russian researcher Pyotr Gariajev and his team of researchers, refused to believe nature was so wasteful, that it would allow 90% of our DNA to be ‘junk’, as this unidentified part of our DNA was called by most scientists at the time. Gariajev’s team of geneticists, biophysicists, biologists and linguists set-out to test their theory, that vibration and language had an impact on DNA.

Amongst other things, they discovered:

  • Our DNA is like a biological internet.
  • The frequency -vibration- of words can be so powerful it can be used to re-programme our DNA.
  • Our DNA stores data, like a computer’s memory bank.
  • Our DNA can be changed and re-arranged with spoken words and phrases. Gariajev stressed that using the correct frequency is key.
  •  Our DNA uses grammar rules and syntax, in a way that closely mirrors human language.

Gariajev and his team believed that human languages reflect our inherent DNA and do not appear coincidentally. Many believe that the Russian team’s findings prove what ancient sages have known for millennia; our body and mind can be healed by using the vibration of language, words and thought, all of which arouse our feelings, which of course are the most powerful vibration of all. 

  There is more to Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than is dreamt of in your philosophy.

                     – Hamlet, Shakespeare

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