Talk Therapy V Hypno-Sensing

In the last century it was revealed that our thoughts and feelings are made of energy. Until that point relationship problems, confidence issues, depressed feelings, and other bothersome emotional problems were treated with one of many types of ‘talk therapy’. The traditional thinking was that people needed to understand ‘why they do what they do’,so they can shift their perception and do things differently, hopefully with better outcomes. Traditional talk-therapy can take months and in some cases years,to unravel the complexities of ‘why we do what we do’, and doesn’t always achieve the desired outcome…

 Treating humans without the concept of energy is treating dead matter.

                                   – Albert Szent-Gyorgi, MD, Nobel Prize Laureate

The discovery in the last century, that our thoughts and feelings are made of energy, opened the door to alternative ways to unravel the complexities of our mind. Far-sighted psychologists began to think…if it really is ‘all about energy’maybe, instead of being so concerned about why people do what they do, maybe we should focus on finding ways to release trapped emotional energy?What if the trapped emotional energy from suppressed emotions, is at the root of most emotional problems?

The next few decades have seen a mini revolution in how emotional problems are treated; relationship problems, self-confidence issues, financial problems, job worries, low mood…in fact, emotional upsets of any kind, are treated much more effectively at the ‘energy level’, because the root cause of all emotional problems is blocked emotional energy.

I genuinely believe the main reason ‘talk therapy’ often takes so long, is because people struggle to make sense of their feelings. Their struggle is caused by blocks in their energy channels, resulting from years of suppressing/burying their unresolved emotions, and we now know that ‘energy blocks’ rob us of clarity, which is why I suspect so many people struggle to make sense of their upset feelings. Fortunately, the more energy blocks we release, the more clarity we have.

 Unexpressed Emotions never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later inuglier ways.

                                   – Sigmund Freud, father of psychoanalysis. 

I have been part of this mini revolution for many years. I was a practitioner of many energy psychology techniques in the early 2000s. However for some time I had been feeling that ‘some things could be improved’, especially from the ‘ease of use’ point of view. If people don’t find something easy to use, most people won’t use it!

From 2013, I spent six years developing Hypno-Sensing. I take my hat off to everyone who developed the first generation of Energy Psychology techniques, but I believe it’s time to move on to the next generation.

‘Talk Therapy’ often spends months, sometimes years, uncovering the reasons why we do what we do, as a means to shifting our perception and hopefully achieve better outcomes.

Hypno-Sensing achieves the same outcome in a fraction of the time, by treating the root of the problem:

1) Releasing the trapped energy that causes the feelings we describe as ‘negative’

2) Rewriting the dis empowering, self-sabotaging subconscious programmes that control 95% of our behavior and steal the joy from our lives.

 95% of our behavior is controlled by our subconscious programming.

                                   – Joe Dispenza, author and public speaker.