The videos below were made by the first people to experience Hypno-Sensing.

The comments opposite the videos were made with full permission.


I met Hannah at seminars we attended. She was the first person to experience Hypno-Sensing. We worked on her emotional eating, and a strained relationship she had with a family member. Hannah continued using Hypno-Sensing at home. Her emotional eating is under control, and she no longer allows the family member to ‘push her buttons’. As a result, her relationship is much improved.


Client X

In the video, client X reveals that the Crohn’s symptoms she had suffered from for years went into remission following bioresonance treatment. When I suggested that her repeated bladder infections could be linked to suppressed emotions, and recommended Hypno-Sensing, she was sceptical, as she had been meditating for years, with no change to her symptoms. In the video, she relates her surprise, and delight that following Hypno-Sensing, she no longer gets bladder infections after sex, and now has great sex with her partner! To protect her privacy, I have hidden this client’s identity.

Brenda’s voice-recording

Brenda sent me a voice recording to share the transformation she had noticed. For most of her life, Brenda shared an all-too- common problem: she found it difficult to say ‘no’, and felt she had nothing left for herself. The first part of her second Hypno-Sensing session released the trapped energy related to her fear of being judged. The second part of the session focused on raising her vibration. She listened to this recording daily.


Brenda contacted me to find out about bioresonance. I asked -as I always do now – “what was going on in your life around 6 months to a year before you developed your symptoms”.Brenda said the situation was still ongoing. I explained about Hypno-Sensing, and why I believed it would help. Brenda waskeen to change the ongoing situation and decided to have a session of Hypno-Sensing as a priority.

Brenda 2

In the video opposite, it was three weeks since Brenda’s 1st Hypno-Sensing session. In the video she reveals the changes she has noticed since listening to the 10-minute recording from her session every morning and evening. In the video, she focuses on the dramatic transformation in her energy level. However, during her session -as in the audio recording above- she reveals that she is feeling much stronger, and more able to say ‘no’ to everyone around her, without feeling guilty. Before having Hypno-Sensing, Brenda found it impossible to say no, without feeling guilty.

Brenda 3

Brenda had been listening to her audio recordings and was feeling a lot stronger, more energetic and a lot more upbeat. Unfortunately, she stopped listening to the recordings. Several random emotional curveballs came out of nowhere, and she regressed to her old disempowered feeling-state. She got back in touch and came for another Hypno-Sensing session. During the session, she could feel the positive vibrations going through her body. I told Brenda that if she listens to the recordings regularly, until her old subconscious programmes have been overwritten, emotional curveballs -which can’t be avoided- will not affect her as much.


Athene contacted me to ask if I could help her stop smoking. She had tried several times over the years, but her attempts never lasted more than a few hours. Like many smokers Athene has been smoking since she was a teenager and is now in her mid-30s and knows it’s ‘the right things to do’. She has come to believe that cigarettes are her ‘true friend’. She initially came for Bioresonance treatment which eliminates the physical addiction to smoking. When she admitted to having an emotional dependence, I recommended my ‘belt & braces’ combination of Bioresonance plus Hypno-Sensing.


Earle had a traumatic brain injury after being hit by a car age 12 years old. He is now 32. He was told he would never regain full cognition. He refused to give-up hope that he would, and has been having bioresonance treatment to help heal his damaged brain. Earle has a degree in Fine art but has many confidence issues as a result of the TBI. When I explained that Hypno-Sensing could help, he was keen to try it.

Nurcan 1

Nurcan came to see me for bioresonance treatment for a skin complaint she had been suffering from for over 4 years. After asking what happened before the skin condition appeared, she agreed to have Hypno-Sensing. After just one bioresonance, and Hypno-Sensing session, there was already an improvement. Nurcan relates the improvements she has noticed after listening to the recording from her session daily.

Nurcan 2

At Nurcan’s 2 nd session, we decided to focus on releasing
energy related to a more specific emotional situation which had been bothering Nurcan for over 4 years; around the time the skin complaint appeared. We used Hypno-Sensing in a slightly different way this time. Nurcan noticed a big difference in how people were responding to her. See the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos of Nurcan’s skin complaint at the end of the video.

Fedora 1

Fedora came to see me for bioresonance treatment for mainly digestive issues. After her third session we spoke about the possibility her symptoms could have an emotional component.Shortly after her first Hypno-Sensing session, she began to experience more clarity. She discusses this in the video. The thing to note is that when we change, other people sense it at a vibrational level, and they respond differently.

Fedora 2

Fedora has had three hypno-Sensing sessions, which she believes have been transformative. She believes her life had been at an impasse for some years, and that her thoughts and feelings were very negative, and she could see no way out so kept putting one foot after the other and burying her head in the sand. In the video she touches on the transformation she has experienced. She has more clarity and feels more empowered.

Fedora 3

Fedora discusses an exciting turnaround after using Hypno-Sensing, to transform her thoughts and feelings about a job she desperately wanted for over 15 years. She is an industrial chemist/drilling-fluids engineer on the oil rigs. In her current job offshore in Scotland, she works 3 weeks on with 2 weeks off. She told me she would love to work in Norway where she would only work two weeks on and 4 weeks off. She has a 4-year old son and every two weeks her parents travel from Slovakia to look after her son for 3 weeks. Watch the video to see what happens after using Hypno-Sensing.


Bob was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis over 30 years ago. He has ‘lost count’ of the amount of alternative therapies he has tried. He is a close friend, and I have suggested -many times- that the cause of his symptoms could relate to unresolved emotions. He was sceptical as he had had psychotherapy and used various energy psychology techniques to no avail.  However, I finally persuaded him recently to have a Hypno-Sensing session. He lives in Sussex, and he was the first person I treated via Skype. I was delighted that the Skype session went very well.


Deanne is a Bioresonance client. She was diagnosed with Breast cancer and decided she dd not want to go down the traditional ‘cut, burn and poison’ route. I played no part in her decision. When she told me about her background growing up, and things she had been dealing with over the years, I explained how our subconscious mind works and how emotional stress puts the body in ‘fight or flight’ mode, which seriously impacts the body’s ability to self-regulate and self-heal. I told her about Hypno-Sensing. She relates her experience in the video opposite

Mariola 1

Mariola came to me for Bioresonance for health issues, with a high degree of success [see her video below in Bioresonance / Chronic symptoms]. She still comes regularly for top-up Bioresonance, treatments to keep her health in optimum condition.  Because of some of the things she shared with me, I suggested she try Hypno-Sensing. In the video opposite, Mariola shares her experience of Hypno-Sensing and the benefits she believes she has gained. She has been following a spiritual path for over 20 years and feels that Hypno-Sensing has added a new awareness.

Mariola 2

Following her 2nd Hypno-Sensing session and listening to the short recording from her session daily, Mariola shares a surprising exchange with a tennis coach she had fallen out with over six months before.  Mariola had tried, on many occasions, to reach out to the coach to apologise for what she felt was a ‘silly incident’. She tried to contact the coach by phone, text, What’s App, Facebook etc, but her efforts were constantly rebuffed. In the video, Mariola relates her shock and delight at the coach’s reaction. She believes Hypno-Sensing transformed the energy she was ‘giving out’.


(In addition to Hypno-Sensing, I offer a very successful 10-session weight-loss programme, using a combination of Bioresonance and nutritional therapy www.finallyslimforever.co.uk -website being updated)


Nadeem and his wife Javedah had both been struggling to lose weight for years, without success. They were recommended by my first Finally Slim Forever client ‘Andrew’, who lost over 6 stone [38KG] in three months, and no longer needs to take his diabetes medication. After losing lots of weight on my Finally Slim Forever programme, Nadeem and his wife went back to Pakistan for three months. Nadeem found it hard to refuse his relatives many ‘welcome home’ feasts and put on 10KG in 3 months. He is back and lost 4KG in the first week


It is believed most adults have at least one food intolerance they are unaware of. In Germany, where the Bioresonance food intolerance programme I use in my 10-session Finally Slim Forever treatment plan was developed, these are called ‘hidden’ food intolerances, as the symptoms often don’t appear for up to 72 hours. As a result, people keep eating the food, unaware it is the cause of their food cravings. In the video, Gurdip reveals how easy it became to lose weight after the first week. Her hidden food intolerances -and cravings- were being eliminated with bioresonance.


Like many people, Afrah has struggled to lose weight for years. She says she even tried the very low-calorie Cambridge diet without losing an ounce. She told me she was beginning to feel there was ‘something in her’ that prevented her from losing weight. I told her that the Bioresonance programmes I use are specifically targeted at helping her body dump toxins, and also to eliminate the hidden food intolerances so many people have. Having hidden food intolerances to food you eat regularly, is often the ‘something’ that makes it difficult for people to lose weight.

Keith 1

Keith is an ex-Grenadier guard’s sergeant. After leaving the military, he kept eating and drinking the same as he did while he was in the army, but without doing any exercise. As a result, the weight began piling up and up. Keith is now the deputy leader of Nottingham and Sherwood District Council. He heard about my slimming programme through his partner, whose friend from Leicestershire lost weight with my Finally Slim Forever method, after years of struggling to lose weight. Keith was sceptical at first but became a convert after losing a stone in the first week.

Keith 2

Keith shares his delight at having lost over 4 stone in three months on my Bioresonance Finally Slim Forever eating plan. Throughout the ten sessions, among my goals is to get the body to burn the stored fat they may have been carrying around for years. Although it may seem counter-intuitive, eating a diet high in healthy fat and non-starchy carbs, and small amounts of protein, encourages the body to use fat as it’s primary fuel source.  Keith reveals his surprise at being able to eat foods he always believed made him pile on the pounds.

Saharla’s Care Home Client

Saharla was thrilled when uncovered and successfully treated the cause of the chronic cough her father Korfa had suffered from for over ten years. When she asked if I could help her lose weight, she was delighted when I told her about my Bioresonance Finally Slim Forever ten-session programme which eliminates the hidden food intolerances which make us crave the foods we are unwittingly intolerant to, as the symptoms often don’t appear for up to 72 hours after eating the food. Saharla shares the benefits she has experienced with the Finally Slim Forever Bioresonance weight-loss programme.


Leon, like many people, had been struggling to lose weight for some years. He had lost weight in the past, but would soon regain it, often ending up with even more weight. In the video he shares his experience of the 10-week Finally Slim Forever Bioresonance weight loss programme. He also explains why he has continued having Bioresonance treatments after reaching his goal weight some months ago. He gives and insight to the many benefits he feel he has gained through bioresonance, especially its ability to remove the toxins many inner-city people have to cope with.


Mariola came to see me to have Bioresonance treatment for the many chronic symptoms she had been experiencing. As a happy ‘accident’, she also lost over six kilos in 2 months. In the video Mariola shares her delight at having been able to lose weight she had previously been unable to lose -although it was not the reason she came for Bioresonance treatment. I explained to Mariola -as I do to everyone- that hidden food intolerances can not only cause chronic symptoms they can also cause inflammation and prevent us from losing weight.

Neville 1

Neville had been recommended by Leon, who lost over 3 ½ stone in 3 months. Neville’s biggest concern was that until he had reached his goal weight, I was advising that he give up alcohol. I suggested that if he remind himself that he could drink alcohol but was making a choice not to as being slim would give him greater pleasure than the momentary pleasure of drinking beer. We came up with lime and sparkling water as his drink of choice to order in the pub. Once he made the mental mind-shift, he thoroughly enjoyed his new ‘pub drink’.

Neville 2

After a year or so, and especially after a two-week family holiday at his holiday home in Spain, where he “over-indulged, especially on alcohol”, Keith came back for more treatment as he wanted to get ‘back on track’. He was slightly concerned as he had fallen back into his old drinking habits, and he realised he wasn’t feeling anywhere near as good as he had done when he was following the Finally Slim Forever programme. I didn’t belabour the point, I simply reminded him how easy he found it to switch to lime and sparkling water before.


(In addition, I also help people who have allergies and chronic symptoms. I use bioresonance, and when necessary, nutritional therapy and / or Hypno-Sensing) www.bioresonance-plus.co.uk ( website being updated))

Bioresonance Client

This client reveals the benefits she has noticed since having Bioresonance [and Hypno-Sensing]. She had been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis some years ago. According to the medical profession, there is no known cure for this auto-immune condition, which causes inflammation and painful ulcers in the lining of the large intestine. In the video, she shares the fact that her ulcerative colitis symptoms have been in remission for over 14 months since having bioresonace treatment, and that her chronic bladder infections have ceased following Hypno-Sensing. An added bonus, she reveals, is that she no longer has digestive problems.

Afrah 2

Afrah contacted me as she wanted to lose weight. She began my Finally Slim Forever 10-session weight-loss programme and was shocked and delighted to find out she had lost 7kg in the first week. She said she had tried ‘every diet under the sun’ without losing a single ounce. She had also been on medication for the chronic bloating she had suffered from for years. In the video, Afrah shares the fact that in addition to losing 7kg in the first week, she didn’t have to take her ‘bloating medication’ once, as she had no bloating at all.


Earle had a traumatic brain injury after being hit by a car when he was 12 years old. He is now 32. After having numerous operations over the years, he was finally told there was nothing they could do, and that he would have to accept that he would never regain full function of his brain. He refused to give-up hope that he would and has turned to alternative treatments. Earle had been having Bioresonance treatment to help heal his damaged brain. The brain injury also impacted his confidence, and for this I recommended Hypno-Sensing.


Javedah came to see me after her husband told her about Andrew, my first Finally Slim Forever client who lost six stone in 3 months and was able to come off the medicine he was on for diabetes. In addition to wanting to lose weight, Javedah had many chronic health problems. She came to see me first over two years ago, and her husband began coming to see me shortly afterwards. They still come for bioresonance treatment about once a month, as they love the benefits they get, and as they say “it stops us getting into bad habits”


Korfa is a member of the Federal government of Ethiopia. His daughter contacted me when he was in London, to ask if bioresonance could help her father. He had had a chronic cough for over ten years, and it was getting worse. During his first session, I think he must have coughed over 100 times. They were very strong coughs and he looked very uncomfortable. My testing revealed that he was allergic to dairy products and house dust mite. I treated both. During his second visit he coughed twice and during the third not at all.

Korfa’s Daughter

Korfa’s daughter Saharla manages a care home. After the success her father had, she asked me if I thought I could help one of her care-home residents, who had dementia and a skin condition which she scratched until it bled. She had been diagnosed with pemphigus, a rare auto-immune skin disorder which can be very itchy. I tested for many substances, but the results were negative. I suspected, the washing powder they were using at the care home. Bingo! When they changed the washing powder, she stopped scratching as much and there was no longer blood on her sheets


Mariola originally came to see me for Bioresonance treatment. She had many chronic symptoms, mostly related to poor digestion; mostly bloating and constipation. She followed my ten-session chronic symptom programme and during the first couple of months, she lost her craving for sweet foods, and her desire to eat all the time. In the video she shares the transformation in how she feels “I feel completely different”. Mariola also had Hypno-Sensing [see her testimonial videos above] and she and her friend Margaret, who is 93, still come regularly for Bioresonance treatment, as they appreciate the benefits.


Melissa was recommended by one of my Bioresonance clients. During her third session, I tested various frequencies -substances- to see if I could identify which frequency was causing the problem. After testing numerous substances, the only frequency her body reacted to was that of ‘skin fungus’. Electrodes transferred the inverted frequency pattern of ‘skin fungus’ to Melissa’s hands for ten minutes. Melissa had been suffering from this skin condition for over a year, and despite trying various remedies, the problem persisted. Three days after treatment, Melissa shares her surprise and delight at the improvement in her hands


Shirin came to see me for Bioresonance treatment after being recommended by another of my Bioresonance clients. Shirin had been suffering from many chronic health problems for years. She has also been seeing doctors regularly over the years, without seeing any noticeable difference in her symptoms. In the last couple of sessions, we had been focusing on using bioresonance programmes to balance Shirin’s hormones. In the video, Shirin shares her experience and the improvements she has noticed since beginning Bioresonance treatment. In addition, we also treated toxins, food intolerances, and her adrenal system, all with Bioresonance.